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Washington, DC. Thursday, February 18th at 7:00 pm ET, Re-Start America, MAD Konnect and the Assembly of Petworth Healthcare Initiative presents “R.E.S.T. Reopening Effectively & Safely Together”. A multi-state initiative to reopen America safely . The mission is to create a safe environment and to solve the COVID-19 toughest challenges by addressing and changing the threatening stereotypes that persist about reopening businesses, schools, congregations and public transportation.

The Country needs a boost to get back to normalcy and a fresh start. MAD Konnect, a healthcare management company in partnership with the Assembly of Petworth Healthcare Initiative, a non-profit, multi –cultural, and  multi –ethnic umbrella community empowerment organization that reaches national, and international communities have joined forces to form R.E.S.T. The nationwide coalition has caught the interest of Re-Start America who is pleased to promote the partnership with an emphasis on reopening the schools safely and sharing innovative programs to empower youth in the fight against the virus within the community. The R.E.S.T. program will include Virus Busters, a program created to engage all students in helping to keep the schools and their communities safe.  “Involving every student in their own safety and sanitation protocol will be a key factor in the ‘Virus Busters’ program”, said Madeline Long, Co-founder of Re-Start America and Managing Partner of MAD Konnect.

The Assembly of Petworth Healthcare Initiative/MAD Konnect partnership has organized a nationwide coalition representing 20 states throughout the US to provide vaccines, COVID-19 saliva tests and sanitation services to support our schools, senior facilities, daycare centers, and businesses. The nationwide coalition will be streamlined across the nations on 900 electronic billboards in 45 states. Thanks to Entertainment Factory and Excess Studios partnership with R.E.S.T to help spread the message.

 A wide range of support from educators, healthcare providers, media and community activism will participate to support the effort of getting their state to reopen effectively and safely. Here are a few quotes by some of our supporters:

“We are responding in safe ways to keep our schools and students supported by providing relatable information that empowers, educates and engages all youth in an impactful way to    Re-Start America. Therefore, we will not rest until we can R.E.S.T.” Dr. Anna Green Jones, Educational Psychologist.

“The biggest problem in reopening schools is guaranteeing the safety of the teachers and students. I truly believe that the Re-Start America protocols are the only safe way to get everybody back to in – person education and I look forward to it being implemented across the country”. Alain Metellus, United Federation of Teachers, Health & Safety Representative.

“The key to safely reopening schools is to have a comprehensive plan that covers testing, effective sanitation and safety for teachers, adult employees and students. The Re-Start America protocol has the partnerships in place that can guarantee proper implementation across the country. Involving the students in their own safety and sanitation is a key factor, and our ‘Virus Busters’ program, due to be launched soon, is intended to engage all students in a way that makes it educational, while being fun and secure. This WILL ensure schools reopen in a methodical, safe and timely manner. Len Davies, VP Media Re-Start America”.

I oversee 14 schools, all with unique situations that need to be addressed in order to safely reopen. The Re-Start America approach is methodical, logical and involves the students while creating community employment. I look forward to welcoming their protocols to the schools under my control. Rashon Mickens, Former school Principal and now coach and consultant for a host of school principals.

We invite you to join us for a special online forum Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 7 pm ET, and please feel free to share with your members as you wish. We know this will be one of the most impactful movements of this year, post-COVID and beyond.

Please contact Madeline Long ( or Len Davis ( if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you, and hope to see you online virtually or at one of our events.

Thanks so much in advance for your continued support.

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