Re-Start America

Re-Start America Media Network

The Re-Start America Media Network was formed to communicate, inform, and help the citizens and businesses of this great nation to recover from this terrible pandemic. We will utilize all forms of contemporary media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, internet websites, text and SMS, broadcast television and radio, newspapers, YouTube, eMail and all existing forms of information and data distribution.

A New Hope

Throughout the 8 regions of the Re-Start America Network, our film crews and presenter will visit businesses, assess their needs, and provide the financial aid to keep them going or re-open.

Getting back to Loving our Community:
Isolation - The San Antonio Project

“I pledge an oath as a virus buster brave,

To wash and wipe and sanitize

So my planet I can save

To take home to my family

All the things I learn at school

Of how to stop the virus

Using virus busters tools.

I will check all that’s around me

So the virus doesn’t spread

Busting every trace of COVID

Leaving cleanliness instead”.

Sexy Cocktails and Conversation with Shannen

Join Shannen and friends for chats where NOTHING is off the table.


Kairos Moments

Arold and Nora Jacques introduce the program that will be a community conversation on how we can “Get Back To Worship” in our churches, our homes and our communities.

heRizn With Love - Beezsa

Get Back To The Arts

Good Morning "Sunshine" with Tammie T


Isolation and its effects during the Pandemic


How the vaccines ACTUALLY work


The Truth – COVID and our children


The Survivors


Get Back To Music

Honoring Black Women - Making Herstory

Get Back To Fitness

Get Back To Relaxation

Get Back To Fashion

A Conversation With America

Dr. Anna Green Jones talks to those involved with education during the pandemic.

“Be selective on who you invite into your space”

Chefs from around the world share their culinary skills.

All about Coronavirus

Ignition - Capitol Hill

Home Of The Brave

Volunteers for food banks soar
feeding more of those in need

COVID Testing is free for all citizens. Check the nearest locations to your home

ICU Beds Running Short

Help Yourself

Dr. Debra Carr gets her second Vaccination and shows other seniors how simple the process is.

The Mask And You

Do mask mandates work? What are the true numbers?