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Re-Start America Get Back to_____

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December 29th 2020, Los Angeles California. Today, the band Invisible Limits announced a music licensing relationship with Re-Start America for their version of the classic John Lennon song, ‘Imagine”. The song is the theme of the world’s largest Social Media campaign in history, Re-Start America.


The Re-Start America movement is a campaign designed to allow all Americans to join this incredible national movement by posting their statement, on any social media platform, of “Re-Start America – Get back to; Life, Friends, Work, Family, etc.” Whatever heartfelt message any person wants to declare as their message, and pledge to America and the world.


Re-Start America was created to unite Americans in this time of trouble and division. A time to Re-Start America’s soul, Re-Start America’s heart and Re-Start America’s Hope. All of America can join millions of people coast to coast by expressing their messages of hope and happiness on Social Media by simply posting “Re-Start America – Get back to______. (whatever is your message)

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