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Community and Business Joining Together to Safely Reopen America – Press Release

Community and Business Joining Together to Safely Reopen America

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WASHINGTON, DC: March 8, 2021- Business leaders and community organizations have joined forces to support R.E.S.T., “Reopening Effectively and Safely Together”, a multi-state mission and initiative created and designed to address the tough challenges ahead as we look forward to the post-COVID-19 world.

Assembly of Petworth Healthcare Coalition, MAD Konnect LLC, and Oxi-Thyme North America, Inc., have cooperatively recognized the importance of safely reopening businesses, schools, nursing homes, congregations, and other public facilities. MAD Konnect, will coordinate with the Assembly of Petworth Healthcare Coalition to keep schools, businesses, and faith-based institutions sanitized. Extending to more than 20 states across the nation, MAD Konnect will work together with Re-Start America to empower communities and businesses to work together.

“MAD Konnect prides itself in getting involved in efforts that make a difference in people’s lives”, said Madeline Long, National Leadership Academy for the Public’s Health Fellow (CDC program), Managing Partner, MAD Konnect, and Co-Founder of Re-Start America. “It will take all hands-on deck to reopen and rebuild safely. I am pleased to join hands with the Assembly of Petworth Health Initiative and Oxi-Thyme.”

Ray Michael Bridgewater, CEO of Assembly of Petworth Healthcare Coalition, reflected on a quote from the renowned political scientist, Kalu Kalu; “The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but things you do for others remain as your legacy.” Bridgewater added, ‘That quote is my favorite because what we are doing is our legacy and what God is allowing us to do, in the end, will become the coalition’s legacy”.

Oxi-Thyme’s “No Touch Disinfecting System” Utilizes Hydrogen Peroxide based, EPA Registered disinfectants made in the USA. Oxi-Thyme North America, Inc. CEO Brandon Prevatt said, “Oxi-Thyme North America, Inc. is proud to be a coalition partner, working with local communities, who are hit the hardest, helping establish affordable and sustainable disinfecting protocols that can safely reopen and restart America!”

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