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Virus Buster Press Release

Re-Start America launches Virus Busters program to support schools across the nation

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WASHINGTON DC – March 2, 2021 – In celebration of the highly anticipated reboot of schools across the nation, Re-start America (RSA) announces the launch of  Virus Busters. A project designed to aid in safely reopening schools while educating and empowering our students and teachers around safety protocols in cities across the country.

“We’re thrilled to announce our Virus Busters cast and characters Viral, Glow, Glimmer and Oxi inspired by real life superheroes Dr Anthony Fauci, Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, Chalet Lizette Brannan and Aaron Long. We are equally as excited to team up with Entertainment Factory and Excess Studios to streamline the project in major cities on 900 electronic billboards in 45 states,” said Madeline Long, Founder of Re-Start America. 

Our Virus Buster heroes will resonate with the youth in the same way that the Cinematic Universes do, and at every stage they’ll receive messages and updates from both the heroes and the Commander, Patrick S Stryker. These heroes have taken on real characters who will be spokespeople spreading their message across the country to help students and teachers maintain safety protocols to eradicate the COVID virus in their facilities, in a way that drives engagement. Students can sign up on the website to receive more information.

“I not only support the Virus Busters Program, I also believe that it will be a game changer for educating and empowering our students and teachers around safety protocols”. Dr. Anna Green Jones – Educational Psychologist

“I remember from my youth that I became fully engaged when I felt I was a part of a secret organisation based on a TV show. An Identification card, codebreaker used for secret messages weekly in the comic, and other things gave me a sense of belonging and of making a difference. “Virus Busters” was born out of that same ideology. If the youth feel empowered and responsible instead of just being told ‘Wear a mask and social distance’, their environments both at school and in the family could change dramatically”. Len Davies – VP Media – Re-Start America Media Network.

“Up until now, students had to be homeschooled and distant from their pairs because of the virus spreading” said Arold Jacques, Founder, Jax Media Design Group. “Virus Buster is a great experience for all audiences, school goers of all ages all across the country will be able to experience that feeling of being a Virus Buster for the first time. No matter the location, those planning on attending school will be arriving into virus mode.”

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