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Use A Mask | Stay 6' Apart | Wash Your Hands

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Re-Start America, MAD Konnect and the Assembly of Petworth Healthcare Initiative presents “R.E.S.T. Reopening Effectively &
Safely Together”. A multi-state initiative to reopen America safely


Think of a day when the pandemic is over, when we have truly come out the other side. That’s when we can properly Re-Start America, but we’re not there yet.

Please still wear your masks and social distance as having the vaccine only protects you from illness. It doesn’t stop the spread, and you could still be harboring the virus in your nasal passages or throat just waiting to spread it further. The new variants are more infectious and potentially more deadly so PLEASE stay safe!

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All of the options available as you  live day by day through the Pandemic.


Help and advice for all small businesses to safely re-open

What about Vaccines?

Study the science behind the new vaccines and learn how they work. Find out when YOURS is going to be available.

Latest COVID News - 24/7/365

Vaccine hesitancy reducing shots in arms.

With mask restrictions being lifted, a new sence of normalcy is on the horizon. Don’t Procrastinate, VACCINATE!

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